Shodo - Japanese Calligraphy

Japanese Calligraphy
Shodo -"The Way of the Brush"

In English shodo is translated as "Japanese Calligraphy" but this is not the correct understanding of the word.  One of the well known traditional  martial arts of Japan  is "judo."  Many of the traditional Japanese arts end with the suffix "do"  Another  example would be  "chado"(cha being tea followed by "do" ) which is translated as "The Way of Tea" or the tea ceremony. "Do" is sometimes translated into English as "way" or "path."  But truthfully a deeper translation exists.  The more precise meaning of "do" is to be able to attain enlightenment from the study of one subject.

"Sho" means brush so when "sho" and "do" are connected as one word this may be translated as "The Way of the Brush."  So looking at this term more deeply we may say that Shodo is the way of attaining enlightenment by the way of the brush.  In the case of the practice of Shodo the brush is used to write the Chinese characters, or kanji, that form the basis of the Japanese written language.

Our Shodo classes are held from 1:00- 2:00 PM on the third Thursdays of the month.    Class fees are $80  (which does not include cost of supplies).  We welcome you to join us.  Please contact us via email for further information.

Shakyo (devotional copying of the Sutras) is also offered every other month.  Cost of the session is by donation.